Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery

Endolifting laser face and neck

This minimally invasive treatment for severe  cellulitis, is performed at the subcutaneous level, treating the connective tissue septa with a 1000 micron fiber, melting the adipocytes and producing retraction in the skin.
Highly recommended technique to retract the skin and eliminate fatty areas without the inconvenience of a conventional lifting.  The patient can resume his usual activities in a few days and with excellent results, without hospitalization and with a fast postoperative period, 

Hyperhidrosis surgery

Minimally invasive sweat glands surgery in the subcutaneous tissue

Laser lipo

Facilitates and improves the conventional technique by melting adipose tissue for easy aspiration. It retract the skin to get as a result a smooth skin without roughness.

Transdermal Treatments


Transdermal treatment performed above the nail, attacking the fungus that is under it.


Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin by regenerating the cells. The result is the retraction of the flaccid tissues, and the recovery of the original tonicity.

Laser depilation

In a few sessions the hair is removed from the treated areas, weakening it and eliminating it progressively without the need to use anesthesia. It is recommended for small areas.

Rosacea and angiomas

They are also vascular pathologies and their principle of action is similar to that of telangiectasias.  The results are truly amazing.

Scars, keloids and stretch marks

Hypertrophic scars, keloids and post pregnancy stretch marks improve substantially with laser. They are treated with localized cold and do not require special care after session.

Pigmented lesions and tattoos

The laser is especially indicated for the treatment of tattoos and other types of dark colored skin lesions since its light pulverizes the dark particles.

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