Kolpos light

Handpiece for vaginal tightening

Portability, Power, Simple to use and with ORlight LASER ® warranty.


Innovative non-surgical treatment to recover vaginal tonicity.

Through the thermal effect of light, the laser produces a neocolegenogenesis of the vaginal mucosa causing a tensor effect of the fascia that supports the urethra.

The process consists of the introduction of a specially designed hand piece – KOLPOS LIGHT.

The KOLPOS LIGHT emits a 1500nm laser in a circumferential shape (360 °) for a homogeneous treatment of the vaginal epithelium.

The effect of the laser is non-ablative. For this reason, most patients do not feel pain.

It is the non-surgical alternative for patients with incontinence without prolapse. Through this fast, simple and effective procedure, your patient can enjoy a better quality of life.

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