FibrasOptical Fibers

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We created the first assembly factory of surgical optical fibers adaptable to laser diode in Latin America

Surgical Optical Fibers

Low Hydroxyl Level (Low OH).
Pure silicon core (core).
Durable cladding that increases the rigidity of the fiber, reduces static fatigue and protects the fiber when shucking.
Buffer (jacket) of Tefzel (dupont fluoropolymer).
Polymer resistant to high temperatures (-40ºC to 150ºC) and concentrated acids blue color.
SMA 905 connectors free of glue (epoxy free).

Diameters Available:
200um , 400um , 600um, 800um, 1000um
Efficient light coupling and superior transmission in steep curves thanks to its wide numerical aperture. N.A. 0.39.

Orlight 360 ® Circumferential Fibers

The Orlight 360 ® circumferential fiber with encapsulated tip distributes the laser energy in a homogeneous way in all the points of the venous walls and avoids their drilling achieving a purer treatment with less ecchymosis and less postoperative pain compared with Flat tip fibers.  The ORF IR 600-360 model is for exclusive use with laser wavelength between 1400 and 2000 nm, for application in vascular, plastic, gynecological and ENT surgery.

Length of the fiber: 2 meters
Diameter of the core (Core) of the fiber: 600µm
Diameter of fiber body: 950µ
Diameter of the encapsulated tip: 1.8 mm
SMA 905 universal connector
Optional 6 Fr Introducer Kit

Diameters Available:
400um , 600um

Jumper Fibers

SMA 905 connector on both ends
Silicon interior
Low Hydroxyl Level (Low OH)
No Toxic
Very low loss in power transmission at wavelengths
visible or infrared
Allows an adjusted radius of curvature
High tensile strength
Fiber diameter 600mn
Exterior covered with PVC medical grade screening

Diameters Available:

Through a bridge optical fiber that transmits the laser energy from the equipment to the hand piece that focuses on the area to be treated.

The ORF IR 400 models; 600 / and 800 / / 1000 are designed for use with our laser emission equipment for medical use in endoluminal varices surgery, liporeduction procedures, cutting and coagulation of epithelial soft tissues, incision, extirpation, coagulation, ablation, thermodestruction or photodestruction tissue therapy or as a hemostatic scalpel in endoscopic procedures.

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