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Multifunction handpiece

In the “Repetitive Pulse” working mode, the laser energy is applied by means of a device called HAND PIECE, which optically focuses the laser light on the area to be treated.


Protective eyeglasses with filter for Laser

The glasses have an optical density of (4+) in the ranges of 190-540 and 900-1700nm and comply with ANSI standards z.136.1 and z.136.3


Multipurpose cannulas for cutting and vaporization of exposed tissue in various specialties: general surgery, proctology, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery, etc.

Ergonomically designed cannula for laryngeal surgery, etc.

Introducer set 6Fr.

Introducer set of circumferential fiber 360 of 11 cm. (optional). Needle 18G – 15 cm. For use with 400um fibers. Security lock Connector in the shape of “Y” that allows the introduction of medicines.

Kit for spine surgery (PLDD)

15 + 11 =

6 + 4 =