Anal fissure

Chronic anal fissure is a wound in the anus that presents with severe pain and bleeding. The spasm of the anal sphincter intervenes in its formation and persistence. The treatment of the fissure consists in the removal of it and in the partial section of the anal sphincter. The laser offers the possibility of performing an accurate section, guided by ultrasound, minimizing the risks of surgery.

Laser advantages
  • Corte y coagulación precisos
  • Sección controlada del esfínter anal

Laser treatment of hemorrhoids

The use of lasers makes it possible to treat the vascular component of hemorrhoids with high precision. The procedure is performed without perianal skin resection, so postoperative pain is less than conventional techniques. The laser’s energy allows to coagulate (close) the arteries that nourish the hemorrhoids and at the same time to destroy the abnormal hemorrhoidal tissue.

Advantages of the laser
  • Accuracy in cutting and coagulation
  • Shorter and less painful postoperative
  • Quick return to usual activities
  • It can be done on an outpatient basis

Anal fistula

A laser fiber with circumferential emission allows to destroy the fistulous tract without damaging the anal sphincter. Laser ablation is among the sphincter preserving techniques for the treatment of anal fistulas, of special value in patients with a high risk of incontinence such as women, complex fistulas or patients with incontinence.

Advantages of the laser
  • Preservative technique of the anal sphincter (without risk of incontinence)
  • Destruction of the fistulous tract exclusively
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Optimal aesthetic result

HPV treatment

Laser vaporization offers an effective treatment for injuries caused by HPV, such as condylomata or genital warts or H-SIL or AIN. The laser allows the destruction of the superficial layers of the skin where the virus lodges, and does not damage the deep layers where there is no virus, but there are nerve terminals that transmit pain. In turn, the beam of laser light is extremely precise and only destroys the lesion without affecting the surrounding healthy skin.

Advantages of the laser
  • Destruction only of tissue layers where the virus is found
  • Minimal lateral dispersion of energy, preserving surrounding healthy tissue
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Fastest healing
  • Outpatient or office surgery

  Summary of the advantages of laser in proctology

Mini-invasive and ambulatory technique

Accuracy in cutting and coagulation

Minimal damage to surrounding tissue

Less postoperative pain

Short recovery

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