innovaCX 980


Portability, power, simple to use, and ORlight Laser ® warranty.

Power and Performance

Three available versions with power to cover a wide range of surgical applications. Greater efficiency, lower electrical consumption, less wear and longer life. Built-in internal power meter.


100% designed by ORlight Laser. Certified, medical grade components. Noticeable and easily accessible emergency button. User interface through 4.3¨ LED touch screen.


In-house development with a friendly interface. Power selection in 0.5W steps. Timer and real time energy calculation. Beep sound guides within 1, 5, 6 or 7 seconds time frame. Stores the last 2 sessions in memory.


Modern and unique portable and easy to use design. Fits in a small ¨carry on¨ hand luggage. Length: 36 cm. / Width: 32 cm. / Height: 12 cm. / Weight: 6 Kgs.


Our equipment come with a direct factory warranty. Permanent stock of units and accessories. Demand and commitment for those who trust us.



Features an overload protection with a blocking safety key. Temperature control. Multiple alarms: (pedal detection, adequate  fiber detection, security RIC detection)
The innova touch mini meets the highest international safety standards requirements and each country’s regulatory requirements.


Our after-sales service covers the entire continent to ensure your team is attended by specialized professionals. Depending on the complexity of the service, service may be provided in your office (on site) or in our laboratories.

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