Laser Vulvar lipoplasty

Effective procedure that allows to eliminate the unwanted fat from the mound of Venus and the upper parts of the labia majora. This treatment relieves the unsightly fat bulge of this area and in turn, the laser retracts the epidermis, stimulates subcutaneous collagen and coagulates blood vessels that bleed during liposuction, producing an aesthetically attractive contour.

Ambulatory technique – Rapid recovery


Technique for the reduction or modeling of the labia minora of the vagina that are too large or of unequal lengths. You can also inject autologous fat to the labia majora to highlight them and give them a more youthful appearance.

Ambulatory technique – Local anesthesia – Rapid recovery

Vaginal Tightening

Procedure that uses the thermal effect of laser light to contract the collagen fibers of the epithelium (vaginal mucosa) in the inner layer of the vaginal tissue. Induces the production and continuous regeneration of new collagen. This procedure creates a decrease in vaginal diameter and length, producing a tensor effect. The result is complete vaginal remodeling and strengthening of the vaginal walls. This treatment also helps women who suffer from dryness and recurrent vaginal infections.
Result: rejuvenation of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa, normalizing the pH and vaginal flora.

Ambulatory technique – Rapid recovery
wavelengths cosmetogynecology Orlight Laser

Cromoforo Exclusive Water
(Cellular Cytoplasm)

wavelengths cosmetogynecology Orlight Laser

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Brochure


The hymen suffers injuries due to sexual intercourse, exercises and sports, but it is possible to recover it. The
Laser technology is the best alternative to rebuild the hymen and give back to the woman the characteristics that her genitals had before the beginning of their sexual life.

Ambulatory technique – Local anesthesia – Rapid recovery
wavelengths cosmetogynecology Orlight Laser

Exclusive Cromoforo
Hemoglobin / Melanin

Minimally invasive laser treatments

Ambulatory Hysteroscopy









Polycystic ovary

Gynecology in the Operating Room

  • Polycystic ovary (SOP)
  • Adhesions, synechia
  • Cervical ectopias
  • Endometriosis
  • Laser-assisted fertility surgery

Gynecology in the Medical Office

  • Conization of the cervix
  • Pathologies of the lower genital tract
  • (PTGI) HPV
  • Hysteroscopic surgery

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