Surface Vascular Lesions and Telangiectasias with 980nm laser diode

May 1, 2019


Treatment of superficial vascular injuries and telangiectasias with #OrlightLaser 980nm and focused handpiece

  • Due to its high affinity in hemoglobin and its high power of up to 60W it is ideal for the treatment of superficial vascular lesions and telangiectasias in faces or legs
  • Greater power, less exposure time and less skin burn
  • Cool skin prior to laser
  • Through a focused handpiece the laser passes through the skin to interact with the pigment of the lesion
  • Outpatient treatment without the need for anesthesia
  • In many of the cases in legs, it is complemented by the application of sclerosing
  • Up to four applications may be required


Video transducer laser diode 980nm

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